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Key cloning of cars with keyless entry is now a major problem in the UK. The main manufacturers affected are Range Rover, BMW and Audi. Without going into too much detail, the thief programs a key either by accessing the OBD diagnostic port of the vehicle or by copying the keys transmitted signal. The factory alarm and immobiliser is disarmed as if the original key is being used.

We have come up with a solution specifically designed to combat key cloning and OBD theft in the form of a ADR alarm. We fit an alarm to the vehicle that is armed and disarmed via the original key. However, the alarm only disarms when the encrypted driver card is present. If a car thief tries to steal a car like this the alarm is triggered and the vehicle is immobilised because they will not have the encrypted driver card.

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Trackstar Advance Combats Key Cloning

Car crime has changed over the last few years and certain vehicles are being stolen by key cloning methods. This is where the wireless signal from the key is copied or when a spare key is programmed to the car which is to be stolen. The Trackstar Advance prevents the car from being started unless the encrypted driver card is present. So only an authorised user with the card can start the vehicle. These driver cards cannot be cloned or copied. Read More