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A Category 2 immobiliser is a self arming device that cuts 2 circuits on the vehicle that stops it from running, for example by interfering with the starter circuit and fuel or ignition. Once the ignition is switched off the system will arm automatically after a minute. After this period in order to start the car the immobiliser must be disarmed.

There are 2 main types, a touch key immobiliser or a transponder immobiliser. With the touch key type you have to touch the coded key into a receptacle in the vehicle and the system will disarm and the car will start. With a transponder type, you simply carry a small coded chip on your keyring and when the key is placed into the ignition the transponder is read by the immobiliser and in turn disarms the system. This type is more discrete and user friendly.

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Cobra 8510 Touch Key Immobiliser

Cobra 8150 cat 2 immobiliser

Cobra Touch Key Immobiliser

A touch key operated two circuit immobiliser, insurance approved to Thatcham Category 2 status. This simple device cuts 2 of the vehicles running circuits and can only be disarmed by touching one of the 2 coded touch keys on the receptacal in the vehicle.

Sterling Transponder Immobiliser

Sterling Transponder cat 2 immobiliser

Transponder Immobiliser

This transponder immobiliser provides a “keyless” solution to immobilising your vehicle. The transponder is simply attached to your keyring and when the keys are removed from the ignition it arms. When the keys are then placed in the ignition it automatically disarms for the ultimate solution in user friendly vehicle protection.