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One of the largest Cobra Category 5 tracker dealers in UK
In a move to improve industry standards, Thatcham and the VSIB intoduced Category 5 Vehicle Tracking at the end of 2005. Since its launch, Select Auto Systems Ltd was the first to obtain Category 5 V.S.I.B Acceditation in the south and have become one of the largest independent Cobra vehicle tracking dealers in the UK.

Parrot Hands free car kits

Mobile Phone Laws 2008
Penalties for talking on a non-hands-free mobile phone were increased in January from 30 to 60 with an additional three penalty points. Although the legistslation was passed some time ago the police are now much more vigilent and are more likely to prosecute.

With professional hands free car kits supplied and installed from as little as £149 why take the risk?


Vehicle CCTV Systems, DVR's, Hard Drives and Cameras for cars
vehicle cctv SD card camera with GPS logging

CCTV for Cars, Taxis and Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle CCTV systems can record vital information and can help individuals and companies overcome various problems and tackle issues that occur in many day to day situations.


Staged accidents are becoming more common and although the insurance companies are the main target it is always the consumer that suffers. By installing one of our vehicle cctv systems the risk of a fraudulent claim can be dramatically reduced.

Our car cameras and recorders range from a single stand alone GPS black box style vehicle cctv system to a fully installed 4 or 8 camera system with GPS and 3g remote access.

We install such systems on to private cars, taxis, chauffeur cars and a range of commercial vehicles.

CCTV Vehicle 4 channel Hard Drive (SDHC) with GPS and 3g Remote Access

Mobile car- vehicle cctv-DVR SD card recorder for 4 camerasThis unit records video (D1resolution) images from up to 4 cameras and has the ability to record GPS journey data. All our multi camera car recorders have built in G-sensor that measures harsh acceleration, breaking and cornering. The data is recorded onto 2 x32gb SD cards and can be played back using the software that is provided.

There is optional remote access of live video streaming and live tracking. This data is transmitted via 3g/internet.

The software can stream video from several vehicles simultaeneously as well as tracking their location live.

CCTV Vehicle 4/8 channel Hard Drive (Conventional with SD back up) with GPS and 3g remote access

Commercial Vehicle cctv-DVR SD card recorder for 4 or 8 cameras

This unit is used where a longer recording time is required, especially when using the 8 camera version.

It has all the features as the unit above but offers 2 types of storage media.

Both these systems offer optional 3g and/or wifi.

We can provide a wide range of vehicle cameras to suit most applications.

For a bespoke vehicle CCTV installation please contact us for a quotation